Why Advertise with Rent The Poconos?

Why Choose Rent The Poconos for The Best Vacation Rentals in the Poconos, PA

Does your family want to spend their upcoming vacation in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains region? There are many scenic sights in the mountains and gorges and many activities to enjoy at annual events and historic sites. However, finding a vacation house rental can be a difficult and expensive process without the right assistance. Rent The Poconos is your go-to rental company if you have your sights set on the Poconos for a vacation! Whether you want cheap vacation rentals at a price that works within your budget or a talented team to help you with the rental process, we’re here to help you plan your next family vacation! Rent the Poconos is a division of Shore Summer Rentals which has been helping families find vacation rentals at the Jersey Shore since 2004. Let us help you find the perfect vacation spot! 

One reason why we offer the best vacation rentals for the Pocono Mountains area is that we know the challenges associated with rental homes. Our founders, Chris and Maria Kirk have worked with vacation rentals along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean since the early 2000s and have experience with property management and real estate spanning many more years. The team at Rent The Poconos has firsthand experience with renting vacation home rentals and is able to provide the professional expertise needed for everything to flow smoothly and without error.

If you’d like to hear from our previous renters and current rental owners about why we’re the best vacation rentals service in the area, read the testimonials from past clients or visit Google or Facebook to read our reviews. Or, if you would like to hear from one of our staff directly, contact us today! We want to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about Rent the Poconos and the large selection of rentals currently available.

Affordable Rentals in the Poconos, PA

When you choose Rent The Poconos for your family’s next outing in a vacation rental, you’ll have access to numerous cheap vacation rentals that don’t sacrifice quality for affordability! Here are a number of the reasons why we have some of the most affordable rentals in the Poconos, PA, area!

  • Renters like you don’t pay any booking fees or rental tax, lowering your overall payments a notable amount.
  • Because all matters are handled directly by the owner of the property, there are fewer overall fees to pay.
  • Owners of vacation rentals do not need to pay commission fees.
  • One of our membership plans grants you unlimited vacation rentals for a year, which can save you money if you plan to have several vacations in the Poconos area.

As previously mentioned, people who wish to embark on a vacation in the Pocono Mountains aren’t the only ones who save money with Rent The Poconos, but those who own the vacation rentals too! With the way our company operates, everyone saves time and money!
Are you and your family ready to start planning your next Pocono Mountains retreat in a vacation rental? If so, search for available vacation home rentals today on our website to see what you can currently book. Your next vacation is only a click away!